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Wiper Blades Explained

Here we explain a little about the different type wiper blade and their uses and applications.
  • 1Rear Wiper Blades

    We have big range of rear wiper blade and stock over 100 different Specific Fit Rear Screen Wiper Blades. 

    They are available in both the plastic moulded versions and arms. 

    You can choose your rear wipers in our Search application.

  • 2Multi-Fit Flat Wiper Blades

    Mutifuncation wiper blades is new style and technology and are fast becoming the standard fit on new vehicles. 

    The wipers with complete with a range of adaptors, and pre-fitted to the blade. The wiper blades are known as Side Pin, Bayonet, Pinch Tab, Push Button and Slider.

    If you want to try, Mutifuncation wiper blades are your best choice.

  • 3U hook frame wiper blade

    QEEPEI 2018 High level stainless steel 1/1.2mm thickness bone wiper Universal Metal Frame  Windshield Wiper Blade For 95% Cars

    Sizes is from 12"-28"/300mm-700mm

    Befitting wiper arms:

    U-Hook 8.7*7mm; U-Hook 7.8*7mm/9*11 mm; Side pin 4.8mm/6.3mm; 

    Bayonet 7.2*3mm/8.0*3mm; Screw 7.2*3mm

  • 4Hybrid Wiper Blades

    The sleek new Hybrid design includes an integrated ‘Linked’ spoiler that runs the whole length of the blade. 

    This linked spoiler reduces wind lift to ensure a constant down force to keep the rubber blade against the windscreen, producing a chatter free, smooth wiping action which prolongs the life of the blade.

  • 5Flat Wiper Blades

    Flat wiper blades feature a totally new style and technology and are fast becoming the standard fit on new vehicles. These types of wiper blades do not have a metal 'coat hanger' shaped frame. Instead they have a tensioned metal strip running within the rubber structure of the wiper blade. This design allows for a flatter aerodynamic shape which reduces wind noise. The internal metal strip applies constant pressure along the length of the blade and has a built in spoiler. Being smaller than a conventional wiper it also provides less obstruction to the driver's field of vision.

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